Friday, 7 January 2011

make do and repurpose- what to do with your broken costume jewellery

all the ingredients....

In addition to hoarding fabric and magazines, I am also a keen collector of costume jewellery. Don't get me wrong, I am perfectly capable of appreciating the value and rarity of precious metals and stones but give me the faux baubles any day!

Last weekend, I found myself in Diva, a hotbed of mass produced and terribly cheap costume jewellery. Whilst a trip to Diva often yields more misses than hits for me these days, I am still occasionally surprised to discover a gem (ha ha) hiding under all that shiny, shiny clutter. This particular trip, I unearthed a beaded ring reminiscent of Marni. I have been more than a little enamored of Consuelo Castiglioni's designs since Vogue first entered my vocabulary. Their bijoux (as they call it) has, in particular, always caught my fancy, especially in recent times. I find Marni's quirky mix of materials creates pieces that are more art than mere adornment but I best stop gushing now...

The ring I purchased from Diva lasted a mere hour on my finger before the beaded cluster fell off the ring fixture. Well, what to do? I considered bringing out my trusty hot glue and reaffixing the broken component but I realised it was highly out of character for me to purchase a statement ring (I prefer statement earrings or a necklace, see), let alone actually wear said statement ring. With that in mind, I realised that the ring was much more use to me in its broken state. I could refashion it into a brooch using other bits and pieces I have accumulated over the years.

...come together

First the handmade wooden disk bought from a stall now long gone at the West End Markets. Next, some rubber offcuts I had sqirrelled away for another crafty prject (not yet started) from Reverse Garbage. Then, a star shaped earring bought from Diva several years ago for a sparkly accent and of course a brooch pin from my craft supplies. Put all those elements together with the aid of a hot glue gun and hey presto, I have myself a new brooch. It might not be Marni but it is one of a kind. Now, my only dilemma, what to wear it with for its debut?

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