Wednesday, 17 November 2010

my local newsagent

There is (very conveniently) a newsagent next to my bus stop on my way home from work. It is fantastic for magazine hoarders like myself as, despite being out in the 'burbs, it stocks a covetable selection of design-ey rags.

I pop in a couple times a week to see if anything new has arrived but i try (not very successfully) to limit myself to the aussie vogue (out every first wednesday!) and one 'novelty mag' each month. This month, I'm afraid I've already gone over the limit but how could I not pick up the new frankie SPACES magazine and walk up to the cashier before they all sold out? I'm a glutton when it comes to eye candy and SPACES is truly, very, very easy on the eye.

Featuring the ecclectic spaces of creatives all over the globe SPACES begins with the home of Vanessa Hardy and Warren Chilton which is located in my favourite city in the world, Christchurch NZ. The husband and wife duo own two vintage stores, one of which,Tête à Tête I've found myself in both times i have visited the city. I won't go through the whole magazine but flipping through all the beautifully photographed spaces, I couldn't help but feel a little jealous of their stylishly quirky inhabitants.

You can buy SPACES at YOUR local newsagent or head over to frankie's online store and order one quick! It is the perfect accessory for your coffee table this summer.

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