Thursday, 25 November 2010

the handmade pledge

Being an out and proud greenie, I try to incorporate as many sustainable and eco-friendly choices into my daily life as I can. However, there are occasions where this can clash with my inner-fashionista. Trying to balance the two contradictory worlds can be a challenge in which I occasionally trip, stumble and fail spectacularly. One half of me attempts to eschew the modern trappings of excess consumption whereas the other half is based upon entirely that, consumption, and a whole lot of it.

In recent attempts to appease my eco-conscience, I have stumbled upon the handmade trend that websites such as etsy have helped cultivate to such fantastic success. The handmade revolution has borne an entire movement and this site, where you can pledge to buy handmade is proof of the movement's gathering momentum.

I'll admit, I dithered over taking the pledge as I am still trying to contain the shopaholic that rages inside me, so instead i make my pledge for Christmas here;

I will buy only handmade gifts this silly season.

It's not much, but its a start. Lets see how I go...

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