Thursday, 25 November 2010

little secret

I have a little secret...

I am fabric hoarder.

Some people collect stamps, others collect junk. I on the other hand collect fabric. Every time i see a nice bolt of fabric i convince myself that with it, I will make the most perfect [insert item of clothing here]. I simply cannot help myself.

Hidden in a corner at the top of the closet is a pile of fabric so large it frequently threatens to topple over. As a result I have imposed a moratorium on the purchase of any new clothing until I have managed to sew my way through half the pile. And therein lies the problem. I can't actually sew. My last few attempts have involved countless pins, metres and metres of iron-on hemming tape and little else. It goes without saying that these efforts resulted in garments that lasted little more than a few hours. The first bolt of fabric to tackle will be the printed yellow silk.

I may have to enrol in some night classes. Wish me luck!

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