Sunday, 6 March 2011

catching up to do

In my absence from misses fancypants over the last few weeks, I have accumulated such a large backlog of posts I found it difficult to know where to begin, again. Luckily, Mitsy provided the perfect [re]opener. I chanced upon her blog ART-MIND mid last year and it has become a permanent fixture on my daily blog rounds. Although I've not met her myself, she strikes me as the sort for whom creating is no less an essential than breathing. Her 99 feelings totems are high on my wanted list and it's very easy to see why. Unique and each one handcrafted, they perfectly embody the emotive state they represent. My favourite is Invincible

Anyway apart from raving about Mitsy, I do in fact have another reason for this post. As she was kind enough to use my suggestion for last month's mosaic, 'a collection of dreams', I've felt terrible for not setting aside a little time to make one of my own but, true to my mantra of better late than never, I finally got around to it  although not on Big Huge Labs (as it won't work for me), and here it is.

1. day dreaming. best done staring at the clouds
2. wings
3. lyrics from Florence and the Machines' Dog Days Are Over
4. limitless

I'd say it's fairly easy to determine from this list what I dream of.

PS- One of the key reasons I took so long to make my mosaic was that I'd made a vow to strictly use my own content only on misses fancypants. I guess I'll make an exception this time and simply credit my image sources. Thanks to Jon Fisher from SheffieldStar, rebel butterfly and Banksy!

PPS. Sorry for taking so long Mitsy!

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