Tuesday, 8 February 2011

triple b

Heya claud! Welcome back to Bris-Vegas!
The (not-so) new kid (back) in town is saturated in scathing wit and less than gentle sarcasm. The kid in question? Bogan Boobs BrisVegas (BBB), which provides a refreshing commentary on Brisbane's burgeoning bogan era. Unfortunately if you're not familiar with the local vernacular, the term bogan may mean nothing to you. Just another strange word invented by those strange people down under. Well, allow me to enlighten you...actually allow the Urban Dictionary to enlighten you, with a laugh or three thrown in for good measure (click here). Hilarious!

Anyway, after my rant the other day, I am very excited about tuning into future installments of Bogan Boobs and I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy reading it too.

DISCLAIMER: I must admit my opinion on BBB may be biased, as the author of this blog is a long lost friend recently returned to Brisbane. I have always enjoyed conversing with Claud (and yes, you converse with Claud, not merely chat). As a friend, her intellect can sometimes be rather intimidating (she harbours a fondness for big words) but it is also terribly insightful and you leave each and every conversation a wee bit wiser- if not then at least with one new addition to your vocabulary!

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  1. hilarious! i love urban dictionary!!