Saturday, 5 February 2011

changing the failing

So, I have noticed that I am falling a little short in fulfilling one of my new year's resolutions- to ponder design a little more.

This may be because I am reluctant to add to the bucketloads of 'design-y/fashion-y' crapola that has already been unleashed on the interwebs. I often find when scouring other blogs for inspiration, that those that fail to attract my readership are the blogs that take the wanky and impersonal route of posting opinions that are taken verbatim from established rags and industry bigwigs instead of providing their own fresh and unique look into this highly exposed yet otherwise closeted world .

In fact (and here is where I venture into the highly unattractive territory of ranting like a crazy old bat and for this I apologise), I find these blogs insult their reader's intelligence rather than educate and provide a forum for discussion. Yes, truly original opinions are rarer than hen's teeth but reading something that provides a different take, no matter how slight, is only ever beneficial to your education as a designer. Too many cooks might spoil the broth, but too little may leave a taste that is both unseasoned and undercooked.

So anyway, the reason for this disgustingly self-indulgent post? To continue to make informed opinions on design. To ensure I push that envelope a little bit more but most of all to understand that a designer is always learning, from everyone and everything in their environment and as a result always fine-tuning their own sense of style no matter the medium in which it is expressed.

RANT over and out!

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