Saturday, 22 January 2011

to market, to market

the gypsy coffee cart

The West End Markets are by far the best place to be in Brisbane on a Saturday morning. I owe the fella, who first told me of these markets, big time as they have become my favourite Brisbane destination.

Today, as Na-Na is back in town, she decided to be my market-buddy and we ventured there together. Having been affected by the floods and reopened today (hooray!) the markets were quieter than usual. Sadly, some stalls were also missing but still, there was plenty to buy, eat and admire.

now you see me...

and now you don't

First to do once we arrived was EAT! Apart from the (cheap, cheap) fresh produce, the markets are a haven for food lovers. Not only are they home to the best curry puffs on the planet™, there is also a stall that serves lángos- deep fried hungarian garlic bread (amazing topped with sour cream and cheese) and the stuffed flat bread known as lépeny. Usually we pig out to the point where walking becomes difficult so for once, to be kind to our stomachs, we practiced a bit of portion control. This meant haloumi wraps from Wrapture with a coffee from the gypsy coffee cart to wash it all down. Skinny flat white for Na-Na and a spiced mocha for me, thank you very much!

refresh with a kwissh!

Eating done, we traipsed around the market to buy  fruit and veg and check out the craft stalls. I did pick up a few things (which you will see soon) but being a terribly hot summer day we ended our market excursion early with  a refreshing  kwissh (frozen old school lemonade slushy wannabe) topped with frozen rasberries. Yum!

If ever you visit Brisbane, make time for these markets. They are a fantastic way to start the weekend!

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