Sunday, 23 January 2011

new discovery

What can i say about this laugh a minute blog I came across the other day than it is an absolute scream! New York native, Leandra Medine, calls us out on some of the more bizarre sartorial choices that we women make but cause men to scratch their heads in complete befuddlement. The moniker assigned for such items is aptly termed man-repeller. Reading through, I realised that I too belong to the sisterhood of man repellers. My wardrobe provides a glaringly blunt testament to that.

Case in point
I own a single pair of regular black trousers and a single pair of almost-but-not-quite-regular jeans. Everything else (pants-wise) in my closet, falls victim to one or multiple man repelling attributes including but not limited to; drop crotch, harem ; paper-bag waist; high waist; wrap-around. I even own a pair of pants that can best be described as genie jeans! (They are in actual fact chambray, but you get the picture). The only thing that my collection of man-repeller pants have in common is that they are all comfortable, they don't cling to your lady bits AND they add interest to your ensemble (they also add more than a few kilos to your hips/thighs/derriere but who gives a hoot?) .

Having already circulated this blog around work to rave reviews (even though the site appears to be banned on our servers...must be the title...or perhaps the ahem, colourful language...), I decided to honour my fellow harem pant sister with a quick sketch of herself dressed in a selection of SS/11's more man-repelling pieces. Mind you, with her long, long, long limbs, crazy eyebrows, lustrous locks and incredibly lust-worthy shoe collection (hello miu miu) she falls into the category of women who are almost capable of making a paper bag resemble couture but I thought I'd give it a go with the result above. Not only would your sanity be questioned in this ensemble but the subsequent man-repelling power you would yield could possibly power a small village for a year (could it be transformed into electricity, that is).

Man Repeller Medine wears; shirt and belt by Balenciaga; jacket by Proenza Schouler; shorts by D&G; headgear, necklace and shoes all by Marni. No one said man repelling had to be an inexpensive endeavour!

If you haven't already, check out THE MAN REPELLER in all her glory here.

PS- I have just read yesterday's post and it seems someone else had the same idea. Oh well, it was still massive amounts of fun!

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