Saturday, 18 December 2010

giving is such fun

...but receiving is sometimes even more fun.

Earlier this week, I received a care package from my long lost friend and workmate, Na-Na. She ran away to Taiwan last month and I have been missing my partner in crime very much. As ever, Na-Na's selection of gifts are without fault. First up the everlasting blooms, above. I am notorious for keeping flowers that are erm... a wee bit past their use by date on my desk at work and clever Na-Na has found the perfect solution- pop up paper flowers. Just the thing to brighten up any dreary day in the office.

Na: "Gee, na. Couldn't you manage a more graceful exit?"

Next were my very own ickle and Lardee. Well, not really...I named the two erasers (for that is what they are) Na and na and although I had fun creating adventures for them for a little while, I'd much rather read the adventures of ickle and Lardee over on Inhae Lee's delightful blog, my milk toof.

Then onto the edibles in the form of some Taiwanese candy. Brightly coloured and cutely packaged it came with a post it note from Na-Na, expressly forbidding any sharing. Happy to oblige!

Last but certainly not least was what i believed to be an unassuming but nonetheless cute little journal. It was in actual fact an activity book. For grown ups! It will be the perfect companion over the christmas break when I will find myself with far too much time on my hands and not enough to do.

Thanks Na-Na for all the gifts!

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